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For the past 30 years, I’ve worked as an animator and animation director on some of the most popular television shows and movies in the world. For a time, I taught character animation to Cal Arts’ first-year students. I developed animated music videos that won awards because I followed my passion. I’ve done some work in the animation sector as a result of my job.

Cal Arts students would ask me how an animator made money, and I would give them my thoughts on the subject. Newspapers said that Glen Keane made a million dollars working for Disney during the Second Golden Age.

This encouraged them to believe that this was the usual, and they became accustomed to it. In this case, Glen Keane’s compensation was unusual, not the average, and thus made headlines. Furthermore, no specifics were provided in the publications. It’s possible he was paid royalties on the movies he worked on, and his million might rise for the rest of his life. That’s why in my response, I gave them some advice on how to become a successful animator.

The answer is simple: You don’t. Glen Keane was a one-of-a-kind individual, and only a select handful will ever achieve his level of success. “The Second Golden Age” of Animation was coined at that time because of his prominence in his area then. In addition, it occurred amid a period of rapid economic expansion, the 1990s. It’s no longer possible to pursue a career as a pen and pencil artist in the US. However, I devised a strategy for students at the time that is still relevant now, which I shared with them.

Having a character that becomes a “star” in the world of animation is the only way to become wealthy. “Own,” not “create,” is the correct terminology because there is a significant distinction between the two. Many of the legendary animators we grew up with didn’t create their characters; instead, they hired someone else to do it for them. Fred Flintstone, the Hanna-Barbera character, was created by.

To be a “star,” you need a character and an idea that stand out enough to be remembered. Dexter from Dexter’s Lab, a former Cal Arts student who worked on a Nickelodeon cartoon, is one such example. You can tell right away that he’s a “kid scientist” just by looking at him. Power Puff Girls are a favorite of some students. Kindergarten is a new beginning for these little heroes. On the one hand, a boy and three girls were transformed into scientists, while on the other, they were transformed into superheroes.

They, too, were reduced to basic figures. The humor and simplicity of the message are both commendable. This includes simple graphics, mobility, and recognition from a long distance. It also can print on a Happy Meal cup.

Here’s how it all went down: When MC Scat Kat’s cartoon co-star appeared in an animated music video, the studio that made him tried to persuade him to star in his cartoon series. They made an effort, but it didn’t go as planned. They had a good plan in place. There are more and more instances where live-action musicians become animated characters and are given their cartoon shows.

Back to the drawing board. Never, ever approach an animation studio with a pitch for your brand-new character. You won’t get paid to come up with a program concept for them because they pay a lot of money to people who work 9 to 5. A year after you proposed your idea and were told no thanks, you’ll probably get a show that looks a lot like yours. 뉴토끼 – manamoa17

You get to make the call. Professionals would do exactly what you’re doing now, and that’s exactly what you do. You would design products that reflected your unique personality and market them in as many ways as possible. Write a short children’s book on your character as your initial step. Printing copies and giving them away for free to every childcare facility, pediatrician’s waiting room, and the library of a grammar school for young children is a great method to spread the word about the book. Then you can go to the local children’s clothing stores and state that every child in the city knows and likes your character when you show up with T-shirts, other articles of clothing, toys, lunch boxes, and other products with your character’s likeness on them. All of the books have been given a website address so that parents can purchase additional things on their own. You don’t even have to produce these things yourself when you have access to online marketplaces like Cafe Press. In addition, there are no fees or penalties for doing so.

There is a lot of hard work involved in making your character popular, but if he or she is seen as a good spokesman for something, TV producers will come looking for your services. This is one of the final ways your character can earn money.

That The Simpsons and Friends don’t exist as cartoons is a myth.

In the past few weeks, I’ve encountered a slew of individuals who claim to dislike cartoon television. However, they are unable to explain why this is the case. The reason I hear this refrain so often is because “I don’t like cartoons.” There is nothing funny about referring to series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, or South Park as cartoons. The scripting of the characters, tales, and humor is extremely difficult to put together and maintain. It’s difficult, in my opinion, to maintain a long-running show that’s both amusing and timely at the same time.

When the first episode of The Flintstones aired on October 14, 1960, no one had any idea how significant this new animated series would turn out to be. As of this writing, it can still be viewed on streaming services and in reruns around the world after many years. In my mind, it’s still hilarious because of the animation. All of its work was done to the highest possible standard per the Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc company’s standards. As far as I know, the Flintstones was not an exception. Cartoons are still cartoons even though they were developed during a time when many people felt they were. Despite my best efforts, I’m inclined to agree.

Many animated series, such as The Jetsons, would follow in the footsteps of this one. No one was able to open the door until a family of five appeared on The Tracy Ullman Show. He could walk in and out whenever he wanted to. The Simpsons first visited American shores in 1987. Since then, they’ve remained. In the history of television, it has the distinction of being the longest-running show. The Simpsons regularly pokes fun at the way we go about our daily lives. More creative flexibility has been granted to other shows and authors as a result of this.

Animators like Matt Groening and Seth Macfarlane (Family Guy) have taken this tried-and-true formula of memorable characters, superb writing, and flawless voice acting to new heights. Idea: Making Springfield that makes fun of all of our personalities and society is a good one. Everything is blown out of proportion in Quahog, which is another example of generalizing society and stereotyping. Animated series has a lot of leeway in this department.

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How many cartoon series are there now? I can’t keep track because I can’t keep track. Between Fox and Adult Swim, there are plenty. The animated series I’ve discussed in this essay all have that effect on me. Because of their advanced technology, they should be considered modern television benchmarks. In these shows, the complexity and organization of the comedy are exactly as it was meant to be. Open your thoughts and your eyes, if you want to get a fresh perspective on how we spend our lives. When we look at things from a broad perspective, we discover a fundamental truth, regardless of the craziness that surrounds it.